One comment on “Our Mountains are in Jeopardy.

  1. Hello;
    This is my 1st attempt at a blog. What is a blog? Google the word blog and you get about 10 million hits, give or take a few million as Internet is just completely loaded with blogging sites. When I 1st thought that I might be interested in something like this. My search led me through a myriad of website blogs. The ones that I found to be the most creative so far have been to WordPress blogs. Of course I’m sure that most of these creative ones that I’ve seen have spent money on their website. My adventure I hope will be expense free and yet I hope to provide my readers with a different view of the world we see around us today. I have spent countless hours searching the Internet for the truth that I could not find on mainstream media. I have compiled lists of people who I know are worthy contributors to our future existence and I’ve view their site’s daily. So anyway, I don’t know how much actual time I’ll be able to give to this particular project of mine. However, I intend to let it grow with me and the knowledge that I intake on a daily basis. Enjoy!!!

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